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Tyler Hou 太乐侯 侯诚乐


I am a fourth-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley majoring in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science. At Berkeley, I work on the Hydro Project in the Sky Computing Lab. I am interested in programming languages, type theory, compilers, and performance optimization.

Before starting college, I worked at Google (full-time) on search performance, hardware accelerators, and Arm servers. More recently, I interned at Discord, where I worked on native platforms and tooling. This summer, I am a software engineering intern at Jane Street.

I was a TA at JamCoders, a free summer camp that teaches introductory algorithms and computer science to Jamaican high schoolers. At Berkeley, I have been on course staff for CS 170 [Algorithms] in Spring 2022 and CS 61A [Intro to CS] in Spring 2023. I will be a TA for CS 164 [PL ∧ Compilers] this upcoming fall semester.


BA in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science
· University of California, Berkeley
Classical Diploma
· Phillips Exeter Academy


Jane Street, Software Engineer Intern
summer  · New York, NY
Discord, Software Engineer Intern
summer  · San Francisco, CA
Google, Software Engineer
· San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Towards Relational Contextual Equality Saturation[draft]
Tyler Hou, Shadaj Laddad, Joesph M. Hellerstein
Optimizing Stateful Dataflow with Local Rewrites
Shadaj Laddad, Conor Power, Tyler Hou, Alvin Cheung, Joesph M. Hellerstein

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The design for this website took inspiration from Slim Lim, Ink & Switch, and Mae Milano. The body typeface is Garamond Premier Pro, and titles use its display variant—I started using Garamond after admiring how my Horace textbook was typeset. The sans-serif typeface is Futura PT, the monospace is Inconsolata, the Chinese characters are typeset in Adobe Kaiti, and the icons are from Font Awesome. This website is rendered ahead-of-time with Astro, using MathJax to typeset and Shiki to syntax highlight code. The color scheme is based on Solarized Light.